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Winter Shinanigans - Slip'n'Slide

So, this afternoon, I decided to walk down to the dollar store while I waited for my mother’s hair to be done at the hairdresser. My mother needed a few things from the dollar store, and I knew that it was going to take a while, because Mom needed her hair cut, coloured, and styled.

It’s only a couple of blocks between the hairdresser and our local Dollarama, so I set out, glad that I had decided to wear my sneakers even though snow was sticking to the balls of my shoes. There’s a street, a parkinglot, an alley, and another parkinglot I have to walk across before I can reach the store.
I set out, confidant I would get there gracefully and compitantly and within a reasonable amount of time. But I hit trouble once I reached the boundaries between the alley and the last parkinglot.

This parkinglot runs up beside the Dollarama and serves to be the dollar store’s parkinglot. There is only one way to get into this parkinglot on foot if you don’t want to risk walking on the side of the road …

The Time of the Doctor

The Time of the Doctor. Christmas Special 2013. Original Airdate: December 25 2015.

I guess this could count as a movie for the Christmas Spirit Challenge I'm participating in this Christmas. Note to self: add "The Time of the Doctor" to 'Films I've Watched So Far' on my Christmas Spirit Challenge post.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings with this episode - not because it wasn't good. It was great, even! But "The Time of the Doctor" is the episode where we say goodbye to the 11th Doctor and say hello to the 12th (though we only see Peter Capaldi's Doctor for less than a minute before the episode cuts to credits).

Now, as a reminder, if you haven't watched "The Time of the Doctor" yet, I suggest you read no further. I don't want to spoil it for you!

This is a curious episode/movie/thing, whatever you want to call it. It opens with Clara Oswald (my favourite companion to date) ringing the doctor on his phone (which is located out…

The Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang

Last night, my family and I figured out how to hook up my Wii U to our netflix account, and we spent some time watching Doctor Who before my brother had to go to bed.

This is a short appreciation post for the two episodes I watched in the light of the 2016 Sci-Fi Experiance.

For the longest, longest time I wondered what was up with the episode "The Pandorica Opens". And for the longest time, I wondered why the Doctor kept calling Rory Williams "Rory the Roman". I finally got my answer last night.

Now, before you read any further, if you don't want to read any spoilers or if you haven't watched anything to do with the 11th Doctor yet, I would suggest you don't read any farther. After all, it's spoilers, sweetie.

"The Pandorica Opens" opens with Vincent Van Gogh writhing on the floor of his room, on death's door, screaming. Turns out, he had a dream where he saw the TARDIS exploding, heralding the end of reality. It both terrifies and c…

The Pigpen Cipher

As I have heard - and have been told many, many times, research is a good thing when you want to write a novel. Most of the time, I go, "Pfft, yeah right," and plung right into building my story and writing it.

Recently, I have been sucked into the Sherlock fandom, though I've only watched the first three episodes and don't have the money to buy any more through the Google Play store on my phone. The only reason I think I caved and started watching the show was because I kept hearing that it was very well done, and that I heard that Steven Moffat had something to do with it. I like what Moffat did to Doctor Who, another one of my favourite shows, so curiosity eventually got the better of me, especially after I saw production photos of Sherlock and John Watson dressed up as their Victorian counterparts.

Anyway, I'm getting to my point. On Sherlock's website,, based on the website Sherlock has on the show, the world'…

Introducing: The Mysteries of Eldûr - Adelle Baker and the Missing Title

"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day." ~ Albert Einstein So, I come to you with the news of a new idea for a novel - one borne of my sudden re-obsession with The Hobbit, and Middle-Earth in general. Inspiration hit me like a tsunami while I was watching The Hobbit: the Unexpected Journey. Suddenly, I found myself sucked into the deep recesses of my mind, where I was walking down the street of a town like Bree - but it was decidedly not Bree. I remember wondering what it would be like if there was a mystery to solve in a fantasy world, one without help from magic... And just like that, I was back in reality with a new idea that's slowly been growing. Let me introduce you to a few characters that have come knocking …


Have you ever encountered one of those moments where you realized you've realized that you have made a terrible mistake?I have. I experienced this less than hour ago when I stepped into a gas station and attempted to purchase a Google Play card and found that I had already depleted most of the money I had earned while Christmas shopping in the city. I didnt realize that they couldn't take the card back when my debit card declined the purchase.Now the woman behind the counter had to pay for a card she probably can't use! I'm asking myself over and over about wht I had to go and try and buy that card. I can inlt pray for forgiveness and that the woman knows someone who can use the card!I felt I had to write this down in order to get this off my chest. I feel like such a horrible person. What would you do if you were in my situation, where you have no cash, no credit card, and only a debit card that doesn't have enough money on it?