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2016 Sci-Fi Experiance

Art by Chris Goff Sci-Fi Experiance Host: Stainless Steel Droppings (sign up) (review site) Duration: December 2015 - January 2016 Number of books: I hope to read at least five! Sci-Fi is my favourite genre of novel to read, and I have a ton waiting to be read! Books I hope to read: Edn by Greg Bear Doctor Who: Apollo 23 by Justin Richards The Daystar Voyages: The Frozen Space Pilot by Gilbert Morris & Dan Meeks Star Trek: From History's Shadow by Dayton Ward I'm sure I have many more books I want to read, I just can't choose the fifth book yet! Movies/TV I hope to see: Star Wars: The Force Awakens A few episodes of Star Trek (Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and maybe the one Enterprise episode I've got on iTunes)

Do Not Let the Distractions Win!

It's that time of NaNoWriMo again where we're down to the crunch and some of us are running out of things to write, and/or unsure of what to write next.

For me, this year, I had planned my novel almost to months in advance while battling through Math 30 - which I was upgrading my math with (thank goodness I'm done with that). I thought I was ready to go and that I could handle a 40/50 year old protagonist who is also a captain and has family troubles concerning his daughter.

When I began to write, I quickly realized how unprepared I was for the story that was The Infinity Machine. I've struggled through the novel all month while juggling driving my brother to school - it's his first year in the private school since he was in Grade 1, and Mom's on painkillers for her knee so she isn't supposed to be driving - and helping around the house. I also promised myself that I would spend more time with my family, which means sitting down in the living room while wr…

Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge [edited]

I've signed up for another reading challenge, but this time it's Christmas themed!

It is hosted by The Christmas Spirit, and it runs from November 23rd to January 6 2016. Sign up here:

The levels I'm going to compete in are:
Mistletoe and FaLaLaLaFilms.

Books read so far:

Books I will read:
1) An AppalachianChristmas by Irene Brand
2) Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Anita Higman
3) Pending
4) Pending

Films watched so far:
Will You Merry Me?
Ice Sculpture Christmas
The Time of the Doctor

College Contemplations

The day before yesterday, I finally entered in to that moment in life where you realize you're on the cusp of freedom and the only thing standing between you and that freedom is the fact that you need to get a job to save for the move and life you'll enter into once you leave home.

Yes, I've finally gotten excited about college.

I began to research how the college I've chosen is run, and found out that, until I'm 22, I'd be forced to live on residence and share a room with a total stranger (at least, until I got to know them, then they wouldn't be a total stranger, lol).

I was okay with it, a little excited about it, and I had found the most awesome little mini-fridge that I could have in the dorm. I'd need the fridge, since the way I eat is really different from how most people around me and my family eat, and in the residence "guide book" it said I could have a fridge in case I "didn't want to get up for breakfast in the cafeteria&q…

Victorian-Era, Here I Come!

Yesterday, I decided to sign up for a book reading challenge that runs from the beginning of January 2016 to the end of December 2016. It's set up like bingo, and I have to cross off five boxes in a row if I want to "win", so to speak. I won't win anything but the satisfaction of reading more books in what has to be one of my favourite genres ever. I have at least two books that fit the bill - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Refining Fire by Tracie Peterson - which would allow me to stamp out "British Male Author" or "Mystery, Suspense, Sensation" and either "American Female Author" or "Book About Courtship or Marriage" on the chart. Also, if you finish a book before January, you can review it and put it in the que for January 1st so it can still count (it says so in the rules). If you don't believe me, check out the sign up post for it on Becky's Book Reviews here! (http://blbooks.blogs…

Will I Ever Stop Running?

It's halfway through the month of November and I'm still desperately rushing to keep up the wordcount-you-should-have. I've just been so busy, life hasn't been easy. And my inspiration for the novel I decided to write this month has all but dried up.

What can I do? Well, I've decided to star rewriting By Diadem's Light between when I write bits for The Infinity Machine. I'm not going to let that Years Won/Done dot for this year stay blue this year. I want it to be purple! lol