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I Has Done It!!!!

I have done it. Wow. I have reached and passed 50 000 words, finishing at 50 100 words. But that didn't mean that the story is done. Now, I will focus on rewriting "By Diadem's Light" - and maybe find a different title so that the title may go from "Chapel P.I.: By Diadem's Light" to something starting with "Chapel P.I. and..."

I'm so thrilled to have finished my manuscript!

Just a Quick Word-Count Update

"Maybe I think too much for my own good." ~ Paul Simon Current Word Count: 37 120 Word Count I Should Have Today: 41 935 How Many Words I have Until I'm Done: 12 880 I can so totally do this!

Proverbs 11:19

"As righteousness leads to life, So he who persues evil pursues it to his own death." ~ Proverbs 11:19, NKJV I was doing a Bible study with my brother and mother the other day, and I was asked to read Proverbs Chapter 11. When I read this verse, it struck me as profound, because, no matter what year it is, what age it is, no matter how it's done, evilness is the same. Being the geek that I am, I can think of plenty of instances where the second half of this verse, the "So he who persues evil pursues it to his own death" part, has happened in fiction. The Clairvoyant, Agent Grant Ward's former-CO and Ward's own older brother ended up dying, one in the pursuit of his evil, twisted dreams and the other having his evil come back to kill him in the form of Ward, his brother, in the first and second season of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Megatron, the evil leader of the Decepticons, seemed to 'die' at the hands of the Autobot Bumblebee before he was subs…

Nail Polish Continents

Today, I looked at my nails and decided that they need to be redone before me and my family go camping the day after tomorrow. I still haven't painted my nails, and I probably won't until tomorrow.

But today, when I looked at my nails, what was left of the old white paint on my left middle finger instantly reminded me of a continent, and I suddenly found myself picking up my small sketch tablet so I could scribble it down, never wanting to forget it. (I'll have to take a picture of the boring outline of the continent and its island when I have the time.) This was one of the first times I had ever gained inspiration from my own person when I was examining how much nail polish I would have to remove before I could put some more on!

This little continent I've just invented will have to be stored for future reference, probably to be used in some sort of fantasy I might get to write in the future where the world it is on has scattered continents that look more like islands.…

It's Too Hot...

The heat of summer has finally reached north-western Alberta, but thankfully the inside of my house feels cool.

Right now, I'm trying to write while also watching Stargate SG-1. I really shouldn't be distracting myself with watching TV. Ugh...

Current Word Count: 12 769

Word Count I Should Have Today: 16 129

A So-So Day

Such is the story of my life (thanks for the visual aid, Toothless).

I woke up this morning at 7:59, a minute before the time I had set my alarm to wake me up at. And for a while before that, I had been aware of my surroundings, even as my body slept on, meaning my brain was ready to go, ready to write, long before my body was.

And even when I managed to surface from the depths of sleep, it took me at least thirty minutes to keep my eyes from closing shut on me - thus, I didn't manage to leave my bed until almost nine in the morning. I was mad at that, but I wasn't allowed to dwell on it as I rushed to get my morning routine finished.

I searched through my closet for a light sweater, since mornings can still be a little chill here with the breeze and the almost dried-up dew on the grass (which reminds me, I really need to stop going on those walks without socks on - the grass and clover is long enough to cut at my ankles). On my walk it felt like there were lead weights tie…

Post Numero Uno

Well, the first post of a new blog...

The purpose of this blog is to talk about my books, review other's books and stories (I like to do that), and share things about my life, my likes and dislikes, and the recipies that I managed to create for all those Trim Healthy Mamas out there. I tend to be quite the social butterfly when I want to with those I know over the net, but I would like to just warn you that I am an INTROVERT and that means I'll be prone to "dropping off the face of the Earth" and not replying to messages until days after I get it.

Now that that's out of the way, I would like to just say welcome. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for finding it!

(and sorry! this post kind of turned into an introduction/biography of the blogger!)

I'm a inspiring writer who has participated in one November NaNoWriMo, tried to do a Camp NaNoWriMo this last April, but couldn't because I had to be rushed to the city for emergancy appendix removal - which ended up c…